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“We Can’t Wait: Conversations That Matter” is an example of the youth activism that SSAIS supports nationwide.
Photo courtesy of Diane Welch/Del Mar Times

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools, a U.S. 501 (c) (3) non-profit, invites you to join us as we address the impact of sexual harassment and violence on our nation’s students.

SSAIS is unique. It’s the only organization that specifically addresses sexual harassment and students’ rights at the K-12 level. With the increased attention on sexual assault on college campuses, now is the time to bring awareness to the epidemic of sexual harassment/assault impacting younger students.

SSAIS is nationally-focused. Our prevention programs, trainings, and youth engagement programs are designed for students, families, organizations, and schools anywhere in the U.S.

SSAIS is practical. We are a one-stop resource for students, families, and others who need information fast. We address sexual harassment/assault prevention, educate students about their rights, identify resources for victims, make the process of reporting simple, provide sample complaints, and empower youth, families, and advocates with engaging awareness activities.

SSAIS is inclusive. We value connecting with grass roots advocates and diverse communities across the nation. We support change wherever it is happening until change happens everywhere. Join forces here!

SSAIS is family-driven. We are ordinary parents who pursued accountability after our daughter was sexually assaulted on a school field trip. We’re here to demonstrate how anyone can turn a horrible experience into a movement for change. We must all do our part to end the cycle of violence.

SSAIS relies upon youth to make change in our schools. We offer community hours, engaging projects, and internships for students who contribute to this essential work.

SSAIS is collaborative. We need and rely on your comments, ideas, and participation. Please contact us and get involved!