Our Case’s Documents

Documents Related to Title IX Investigation of the Seattle School District

These documents pertain to the sexual assault of a female student that led to an investigation of the Seattle School District by the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR). These examples may assist other families who pursue accountability and justice at the district, state, and federal levels.

OCR Complaint (PDF 183KB)
Parents’ June 2014 complaint to OCR against the Seattle School District, making it the 23rd school district in the nation under federal investigation.

Discrimination Complaint (PDF 51KB)
Amplification of the OCR complaint.

Response to Kaiser Assault Report (PDF 21MB)
Parents’ extensive response to the District’s biased/belated investigation of assault. Includes District’s errors and omissions, assailant’s admission of rape, social media posts, supporting documents, redacted medical information, etc.

Sexual Assault Case Documents (PDF 8MB)
Parents’ complaints after the Seattle School District denied sexual harassment, contrary to both WA State definitions of rape and the District’s own definition of sexual assault. Includes parents’ discussion of the District’s distortions to avoid liability for the negligence that allowed sexual assault.

Staff Complaint
Demonstrates the full spectrum of negligence that allowed for a sexual assault on a school field trip. This complaint against teachers, principals, superintendent, legal department, and Section 504 coordinator, includes documentation from the Seattle Public Schools’ own records.

Response to Kaiser Staff Investigation Report (PDF)
Parents’ response to the District’s inadequate investigation of staff misconduct.

Misconduct Violations for ESDs (PDF 87KB)
Request for investigation by the Washington State Office of Professional Practice (OPP) detailing how actions and inactions by Seattle Public School staff violated the Code of Professional Conduct for Education Practitioners published and enforced by OPP, specifically “disregard or abandonment of generally recognized professional standards.”

Correspondence with the Seattle School District Regarding Sexual Assault (PDF 9MB)
Demonstrates the lengths a district will go to evade liability for sexual assault.

Survey On Attitudes Towards Sexual Assault at Garfield (PDF 1MB)
Created by former Garfield High School (Seattle) student Sylvie Nemeth and featured in the media.