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Thank You, Lady Gaga


Thank you Lady Gaga and Paul Blavin for “Till it Happens to You,” a wrenching portrait of sexual assault that drives home the point we make: families can’t imagine that this nightmare could visit their K-12 student. It can, it did to us, and countless others. Lady Gaga makes the point that support for survivors is essential. Yet schools downplay, deny, distort, devalue, and treat with disdain the very students they should be supporting. Their report card is actually straight Fs. [trigger warning]

Sexual Victimization before College Increases Risk of Rape for College Freshmen

precollegesexvictimizationThis CS Monitor article reports on a study released Wednesday about the prevalence of rape among first-year college women. The study points to the degree to which sexual victimization before college increases the likelihood of being raped in college. This research bolsters “a growing chorus of advocates who say students at much younger ages need to start learning about forging healthy relationships and standing up to cultural norms that perpetuate rape.”

Student Can Sue District in Rape Bait Case

alabamarapebaitcaseAn appeals court overturned the ruling of a lower court in this shocking case, allowing the victim to pursue a Title IX suit against an Alabama school district. In their decision, the appeals court judges wrote: “A person in [the victim’s] position could have no confidence in a school system that orchestrates a rape-bait scheme and whose disciplinary file describes [the assailant’s] rape of her as ‘[i]nappropriate touching a female in a boys’ bathroom.”