Cases We Follow

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools tracks school districts that violate students’ Title IX rights. SSAIS learns about non-compliant schools when families recount horrible experiences in their school districts. SSAIS also follows school districts that received bad press for sexual harassment/assault, sexual harassment bullying, sexual assault hazing, and other similar Title IX violations.

Do you know a school that has or continues to respond inappropriately to reported sexual harassment/assault? SSAIS maintains a list of non-compliant schools based on both families’ reports and media stories. With your help we can ensure that all school districts comply with Title IX to maintain a safe place for students. Please contact us with information.


One of our unique initiatives is “Adopt a School District.” It has tremendous potential to ensure that school districts are complying with Title IX. We need volunteers in each state. This is a simple project for individuals, student interns, clubs, youth groups, students, anyone! Intrigued? Contact us!

Here’s how it will work:

  • Pick one school district anywhere in the US or contact us for recommendations.
  • Receive our free toolkit by contacting us.
  • Use the toolkit to collect information from the school.
  • Email/mail the information to SSAIS.
  • If you want to share your findings/comments, we’ll post them on our website.
  • SSAIS will review the information, send it to the school, and educate the district about U.S. Dept. of Education regulations regarding Title IX and sexual harassment/assault.
  • You’ll become an investigator who will help us educate schools about Title IX compliance. Become a part of the solution to create learning environments free of sexual harassment.

When activists share findings with friends, imagine the conversation at the next activist knitting circle or club meeting . . . .

SSAIS is following these cases:

  • Northeast School Corporation, IN. Under OCR investigation. SSAIS is bringing media attention to this case. Read the family’s account of the assault and the school’s response.
  • Warren Consolidated District, MI. Under OCR investigation that resulted from SSAIS assisting the violated student’s family. See OCR open investigation letter here.
  • Angelton Independent School District, TX. Under OCR investigation that resulted from SSAIS assisting the violated student’s family.
  • Tucson Unified School District, AZ. Under OCR investigation. SSAIS made a public records request and provided information to a student when the student’s identifying information was released to the media without permission. View public documents provided by the district to SSAIS describing sexual harassment and assault here.
  • Seattle  Public  School District, WA. SSAIS brought an OCR investigation to the district and continues to monitor events related to SSAIS’s prior advocacy. View the SSAIS and district documents here.