Cases We Follow

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools tracks school districts that violate students’ Title IX rights. SSAIS learns about non-compliant schools when families recount horrible experiences in their school districts. SSAIS also follows school districts that received bad press for sexual harassment/assault, sexual harassment bullying, sexual assault hazing, and other similar Title IX violations.

Do you know a school that has or continues to respond inappropriately to reported sexual harassment/assault? SSAIS maintains a list of non-compliant schools based on both families’ reports and media stories. With your help we can ensure that all school districts comply with Title IX to maintain a safe place for students. Please contact us with information.


One of our unique initiatives is “Adopt a School District.” It has tremendous potential to ensure that school districts are complying with Title IX. We need volunteers in each state. This is a simple project for individuals, student interns, clubs, youth groups, students, anyone! Intrigued? Contact us!

You’ll become an investigator who will help us educate schools about Title IX compliance. Become a part of the solution to create learning environments free of sexual harassment.

When students and parents share findings with allies, they’ll be able to make change. SSAIS is here to help!