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On July 22, 2014 Stop Sexual Assault in High School made its national debut with impressive and ongoing media coverage. Our Facebook page registered approximately 13,500 followers. National organizations, university law professors, student advocates, educators, families, media, and others are interested in our mission to help families nationwide to prevent sexual harassment/assault and advocate for a child’s rights when it occurs. A national Title IX blog run by an attorney/professor presented our case and concluded that:

“the family has been diligent about collecting and presenting a significant amount of evidence already. Sanctions from the government may not be as effective as we would like them to be at this moment, but lawsuits cause considerable distress. K-12 schools have been put on notice for issues of bullying–where there have been significant damage rewards to victims–sexual assault should not be any different.”

Concerned citizens, including alums from the school where the assault occurred, have demonstrated to bring public awareness to the lawless school district culture that allowed this rape to occur. Our organization marshaled public support for sanctions against the District, both as a corrective measure and long overdue gesture of accountability for devastation it caused the victim.

Our achievements, the result of unrelenting advocacy, have been substantial. They include:

  • The opening of a federal investigation of the Seattle School District by the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, in June 2014
  • Raising national awareness of the civil rights violations affecting students through extensive media coverage (TV, radio, internet)
  • Exposing, with media participation, the fallacious arguments a District will use to avoid upholding Title IX and liability
  • Engaging local education activists, students, and organizations to demonstrate for accountability
  • Garnering the fruits of successful demonstrations to compel changes in the District including the creation of a sexual assault task force and policy review
  • Holding the school district accountable for restitution to the victim
  • Connecting with victims that have experienced sexual harassment/assault and providing opportunities to grow through advocacy
  • Archiving hundreds of pages of documents to educate the public about sexual harassment/assault and students’ rights to an equal education
  • Taking the fruits of this unrelenting advocacy to the national level by undertaking the creation of Stop Sexual Assault in Schools non-profit and connecting with advocates/organizations to compel lasting change