SSAIS tells parents “what Title IX requires and how to file federal civil rights complaints if they see violations. They say they want to save other families the heartache and upheaval that they endured as they tried to help their daughter recover — and go back to school — after her rape… [They] believe that addressing the problem will take a massive movement of students and families who know what their Title IX rights are and demand that schools meet them.” — The Washington Post
[SSAIS has created] “a new educational video about gender equality, intended to inform students that they have a legal right to attend a school where nobody is harassed because of their gender. . . . Stop Sexual Assault in Schools. . . . produced the free video for use by schools, clubs and parent groups.” — EdSource 
SSAIS is “putting school districts everywhere on notice: drop the ball when a student reports a sexual assault, and we’ll expose it to the world.” —Tyler Kingkade, Senior Editor/Reporter, The Huffington Post 
“This amazing video [“Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!“] follows a high school gender equity club learning how to stop sexual harassment and assault by speaking with a wide range of experts. The video is important for all levels of education and is sure to stimulate discussion and preventive action by students, parents, educators, Title IX Coordinators, and supporters of gender equity.”Dr. Sue Klein, Education Equity Director, Feminist Majority Foundation
“We’re energized by a new group doing big work—Stop Sexual Assault in Schools.”National Women’s Law Center

“Among the parents that [SSAIS has] helped is Dea Goodman of Sterling Heights, Mich. She’s the mother of a 15-year-old girl who was suspended and ultimately expelled from school after reporting in May 2015 that a 17-year-old senior had assaulted her in a car in the school parking lot.” —  The Washington Post

“SSAIS was there for my family when we had no where else to turn. SSAIS is an amazing non-profit organization; without their help and knowledge about Title IX we would have remained lost and unsupported. SSAIS also helped us go public. My family and I will be forever grateful.”—Dea Goodman, whom SSAIS helped with an OCR complaint

“Finding Stop Sexual Assault in Schools website was a blessing for us and our granddaughter, who was a victim of sexual assault, and then victimized again by a school that discounted her need to feel safe. I feel this empowered her to come forward and to climb out of the darkness and begin again. Thank you, SSAIS, you will never know how much it has meant to our family to not feel alone. Sexual assault and harassment among students in K-12 setting is a nationwide problem; please visit the SSAIS website and open your eyes. The stories and information listed here may save someone you love.”
Leslie and Jerry Hawker, Farmersburg, IN 

“My granddaughter ‘Sara’ was molested at school. I desperately reached out to SSAIS when NOBODY would listen to me. They did. Within minutes SSAIS had taken my name and number—the acknowledgement of my situation was outstanding. They have gone above and beyond for my family. They helped me file an Office for Civil RIghts Title IX complaint that opened for investigation, and provided resources about my granddaughter’s rights and how to stand up for her. They are teaching me how to be an activist, and I will continue to stand up for what I believe in and pay it forward. Thank you so much for all you’ve done.“ —Beverly DeCoite, Sandy, OR