Activism Toolkit

toolkitSSAIS offers youth, their adult mentors, parents, college students, teachers, school counselors, activists, advocates, organizations, retirees, and just about anyone the tools to make lasting change with impactful projects. As we spearhead a new national movement, our toolkit will continue to grow, reflecting the response to our projects.

Owing to students’ urgent need for information, we’re launching the SSAIS website with a brief overview of the toolkit. Once completed, you’ll be able to click on each category below to download free resources with tips on starting a project; you’ll also see real-life examples of such projects from people like yourself. We’ll even share your projects and feedback on our website as the country learns from your efforts! Here is just one project you can check out:


Tumwater HS No More Project

For Students

Do you need service-learning hours to graduate, credit for a classroom project, or volunteer experience for your college/work applications?  SSAIS non-profit will give you service hours and a letter of reference when your projects support the goal of education equality. Contact us to learn how.

Tools for Students Sick of Sexual Harassment at School

  1. Start a gender equality group using this guidance from NOW
  2. Create a stop sexual harassment campaign at your school, including a Facebook page
  3. Create a student bill of rights with resources and distribute it at school
  4. Create zines about sexual harassment and students’ rights
  5. Start journalism projects about sexual harassment/assault and Title IX
  6. Create posters about sexual harassment/assault and Title IX
  7. Create film and PSA projects, including announcements and assemblies
  8. Design awareness merchandise projects. Help design products for SSAIS
  9. Create academic projects about sexual harassment for classroom credit (survey, reports, documentaries, senior projects, projects that will fulfill class credit)
  10. Create music projects
  11. Create drama productions about sexual harassment/assault.
  12. Create photography and visual art projects
  13. Model activism projects you can implement or modify
  14. Organize a clothesline project
  15. Create a pledge campaign against sexual harassment and assault at your school

Groundbreaking journalism


The Broken Pledge, play by Hank Nuwer

Tools for Parents and Advocates 

  1. Support students in any of the projects mentioned above
  2. Serve as an advisor for student projects
  3. Help students develop clubs/groups to address harassment and education equality at their school and/or in their community. See this example:

Berkeley HS, Stop Harassing Group



Tools to Start An Education Equality Club at School or Outside School

  1. Explore and create definitions of an education equality club/group
  2. How to enlist support from your friends
  3. How to get support from your school
  4. How to partner with college students
  5. How to partner with organizations that support your rights
  6. How to partner with your school’s GSA

Berkeley HS Students Fight Back Against Harassment



Special Projects for LGBTQ+ Youth gaystar

  1. Create or implement a recommended questionnaire to learn more about the needs of LGBTQ+ students
  2. Start a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) in a middle/high school
  3. Use your existing GSA to learn about Title IX and educate all students in your school
  4. Develop and education equality club separately from GSA to reach students who don’t attend GSA
  5. Undertake some of the SSAIS projects designed for students of any orientation

Projects for School Counselors and Administrators

SSAIS wants educators and counselors to create a culture of service that engages students, helps them take action, and makes an impact in their community.

Learn why and how schools are ignorant of students’ Title IX rights:

  1. Educate your school district about Title IX
  2. Teach students about Title IX’s right to an equal education
  3. Teach students about the negative impact of sexual harassment
  4. Teach students about sexual cyber bullying
  5. Start an education equality club to end sexual harassment at your school
  6. Learn how to appropriately support survivors of sexual harassment and assault
  7. Teach male students to stop sexual harassment and assault
  8. Address sexual violence committed by male athletes and engage their support
  9. Promote bystander intervention for all genders
  10. Create projects for LGBTQ+ youth; engage your GSA  gaystar
  11. Create projects for elementary aged school children
  12. Connect with college organizations to partner with your middle and/or high school in the creation of education equity projects and clubs
  13. Support the projects described under “Tools for students”
  14. Request classroom teachers to accept individual projects about the impact of sexual harassment/assault on education equality


Projects for Community and Student-Run Organizations

  1. Educate students and families about Title IX and the right to an equal education
  2. Inform students about the negative impact of sexual harassment on their well-being and education
  3. Create projects for students to work in the community spreading awareness about their rights, sexual harassment/assault prevention, etc. Support student projects above
  4. Facilitate college-aged students and young adults mentoring pre-college students about sexual assault prevention and advocating for their rights under Title IX
  5. Encourage youth to volunteer for organizations like ours to gain valuable experience for their college and employment resumes

Projects for Retired Educators or Adults who Wish to Volunteer from Home

  1. Help track school districts’ Title IX compliance around the country by sending out our questionnaires and forms by email
  2. Connect college sexual assault awareness groups with high schools to build relationships
  3. Chose any area that uses your talents and extend those talents to our organization. See Get Involved for a just few ideas
  4. Help recruit other volunteers in numerous fields (to help SSAIS)

Projects for Law, Graduate Students in Education, Public Policy, and Public Health, etc. 

Contact us for internship and externship opportunities.

  1. Help us follow non-compliant school districts around the country to create awareness in those communities. Use our protocols or invent your own. Share your results on our website
  2. Help design Title IX brochures for K-12 students in your community
  3. Create mock Title IX cases and bring them to high schools in your outreach programs
  4. Help create discussion points and lead groups at your own school to do outreach for the mission of SSAIS