K-12 Sexual Assault Reports

Each school day, when students should be benefiting from a safe and healthy school environment conducive to learning, sexual harassment, assault, and other forms of intimidation compromise their lives at alarming rates. Sexual harassment/assault impair students’ ability to concentrate, compromise their education, cause dropping out, and lead to self-destructive behaviors and suicide.

Innumerable cases in media reports illustrate the impact of sexual harassment/assault upon students. Although the most dramatic cases dominate reporting, the daily cases of sexual harassment, assault, retaliation, and the deplorable response of schools are largely unknown to the public. These cases compromise and destroy lives at an alarming rate.

The following selected media stories raise awareness, encourage victims to seek resources, report, take legal action, and encourage bystanders to join the movement for change.

Below are examples of daily sexual harassment/assault reported by students at Berkeley, CA, High School, now under investigation by OCR for violation of Title IX. More examples of pervasive harassment in OCR cases appear here.

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