Toolkits and Factsheets

Listen to these parents, relatives, and neighbors describe the toll sexual harassment takes on the K-12 students in their lives. Hear their frustration with schools that discount, disbelieve, and ultimately fail these students, compromising their education and burdening families. They feel that schools aren’t doing enough to protect their loved ones and neighbors.

This new toolkit can help parents and allies find out what their schools are doing about sexual harassment. It contains video clips, fact sheets, a checklist, and ways to make positive change in your community.

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Use this new guide How to Gather Information about a School District’s Title IX Policies to find out if your school has a Title IX policy, what it says, and if it meets federal guidelines

Use this new guide Investigating What Happens When a Student Reports Sexual Harassment to find out what happens when you report sexual harassment in your school.

Do you know what to do if you are sexually harassed or assaulted? This fact sheet informs you about your rights under Title IX, how to protect your privacy, the school’s responsibilities, how to get emotional support, and more. 

Teachers and school staff have an important role in protecting students from sexual harassment in the classroom. Share this fact sheet with teachers in your schools.

SSAIS collaborated with the National Women’s Law Center to create this educational presentation.