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As #MeTooK12 Turns 4, Students Can’t Wait for Adults to Make Change (by SSAIS co-founder and executive director Esther Warkov)(Education Post)

Opinion: BUSD still doesn’t understand its obligations to address sexual harassment and assault (by SSAIS board chair Heidi Goldstein)(Berkeleyside)

She tried to reform Berkeley Unified’s Title IX office. After 6 months of frustration, she quit. (Berkeleyside)

2003 sexual harassment allegations failed to trigger Title IX protections at West Valley (Shasta Scout)

Student’s testimony puts pressure on school board to move faster on sexual harm reforms (Berkeleyside)

Students Are Walking Out of School to Demand Better Protections From Sexual Harassment and Assault (by SSAIS co-founder Esther Warkov)(Citizen Ed)

Quincy High students join nationwide call for more transparency around sexual violence (The Patriot Ledger)

A New Way to Combat High School Sexual Harassment and Assault (by SSAIS Youth Advisor Cate Bikales)(Women’s Media Center)

Prevention Is Now with PCASA – Sexual Violence In Our Schools K-12 (podcast featuring SSAIS Board chair Heidi Goldstein)(Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault)

Parents form alliance to challenge Pine-Richland over handling of sexual assault allegation (about activism efforts of SSAIS advisors Tom and Jill Baxter)(WESA)

Sexual assault allegations surface at Pine-Richland school board meeting (about activism efforts of SSAIS advisors Tom and Jill Baxter)(WTAE-TV)

Group says Pine-Richland not taking claims of sex assault seriously at board meeting (about activism efforts of SSAIS advisors Tom and Jill Baxter)(WPXI-TV)

3 Ways to Ensure Better Title IX Protections for K-12 Students (by SSAIS Board chair, Heidi Goldstein) (reprinted in Yahoo News)

Change in Schools Starts With Listening to Students (features the work of SSAIS youth advisor Kathryn LaLonde) (Education Post)

Students Against Sexual Harassment (KDKA radio, Pittsburgh)(features SSAIS advisor Jill Baxter)

#MeTooK12 Case Study: A High School Sexual Abuse Scandal (features the work of SSAIS Board member Kathryn Leehane)(Ms.)

How Generations of Berkeley High Students Forced a Reckoning About Sexual Abuse (features the work of SSAIS Board Chair Heidi Goldstein)(KQED)

How the Biden-Harris Administration Can Boost the National Campaign #MeTooK12 to End Sexual Harassment In K-12 Schools (co-published in The 74 and Ms. Magazine)

Critics Say Abuse, Harassment Cases Cast a Cloud Over Marten’s Nomination (Voice of San Diego)

Former Title IX Officer on Challenges Her District Faced During Pandemic (This article was originally written for SSAIS and was published by Campus Safety Magazine)

What to Look for in a Title IX Coordinator for Your K-12 Campus (This article was originally written for SSAIS and was published by Campus Safety Magazine)

Student-run initiative calls on school to take sexual assault claims seriously (features SSAIS board member Susan Moen)(KTVL-TV)

18 States and D.C. Sue DeVos to Block Changes to Title IX Sexual Misconduct Rules (The 74)

K-12 schools keep mishandling sexual assault complaints. Will new Title IX regulations help? (NBCNews.com)

School sexual assault rule change (Scripps TV)

Betsy Devos introduces rule making it harder for child abuse victims come forward at school (The Independent)

How the new DeVos rules on sexual assault will shock schools — and students (Politico)

Schools Must Overhaul How They Respond to Sexual Assault (written by SSAIS Advisory Board member Heidi Goldstein) (Ms.)

DeVos Sued Over New Title IX Rules That Make It ‘Easier for Schools to Sweep Sexual Violence Under the Rug’ (Common Dreams)

ACLU sues Betsy DeVos over “reprehensible” new sexual assault rules (Salon, also in Truthout)

Eastside Catholic was prepared to suspend high school football stars accused in 2018 sexual assault case (KING5-TV, Seattle)

#MeTooK12 at 2 — the Impact of National Campaign to Stop Sexual Assault in Schools, and What Needs to Happen Next (The 74)

Two Years of #MeTooK12: Analyzing the Impact of the Campaign to End Sexual Harassment in Schools (Ms. Magazine)

Where #MeTooK12 Meets #RollRedRoll (Ms.) (also appears in JGirls Magazine)

We Need Title IX Even in Elementary School (Psychology Today)

Chicago Public Schools Ordered to Toughen Sexual Misconduct Policies (NY Times)

Are Schools Prepared to Respond to Sex Abuse? Latest Probe Reveals Shortcomings (alternate) (Education Week)

Chicago Public Schools Routinely Mishandled Sexual Assault Cases and Violated Title IX. Experts Warn It’s No Outlier (The 74)

Sexual violence isn’t just a college problem. It happens in K-12 schools, too. (alternate) (Washington Post)

As DeVos Eases Sexual Assault Rules, Her Old High School May Provide a Test Case (NY Times)

How #MeTooK12 Teaches Youth About Sexual Assault & Harassment (Now This Her)

Speaking Up for Survivors in K-12 Schools (Ms. Magazine blog) re-blogged in Education Post

Sexual Harassment Film Review by Minnah Stein (JGirls Magazine)

Betsy DeVos’ Title IX Rules Could Hurt Students Even Before College, According To Activists (Bustle)

Sexual harassment happens in elementary, middle and high schools. But not much is being done about it. (Deseret News)

What K-12 parents in Seattle need to know about proposed changes to Title IX rules on sexual assault, harassment (Seattle’s Child)

Social Media Movements for Youth Around Sexual Violence (Psychology Today)

What #MeToo Means to Teenagers (NY Times)

When Students Say #MeToo, Schools May Be Unprepared to Help (Education Week)

Kavanaugh’s accuser is the poster child for why young women don’t come forward about sexual assault (VICE News)

Quora session with Joel Levin, SSAIS co-founder (Quora)

This Jewish Teen Is Revolutionizing the Way We Teach Kids About Consent (Kveller)

#MeTooK12: New campaign raises awareness about rights at school (Christian Science Monitor)

#MeTooK12: Teens are Speaking Out About Assault and Harassment in Schools (Ms. Magazine) [re-posted in Faces of Education]

Teen says Virginia school failed to keep her safe from alleged attacker (Washington Post)

Amid Kavanaugh debate, teens push back against adults who say ‘boys will be boys’  (with SSAIS Advisory Board Member Tori Siegel) (Washington Post)

Confronting the Realities of Sexual Harassment in Education and Edtech (EdSurge)

Girls Are Sexually Harassed In School All The Time and No One Is Doing Anything About It (Seventeen)

#MeTooK12: One Daughter’s Trauma, and a Family’s Quest to Prevent School-Related Sexual Violence (The 74)

#MeTooK12: A new hashtag for students sexually assaulted or harassed in K-12 schools (Washington Post)

Three Ways Schools Can Help Prevent Sexual Assault (America’s Promise)

Lawsuit alleges Holland Christian Schools protected student rapist (Holland Sentinel)

Betsy DeVos Gets a Lesson in Civil Rights Now That Her High School Is Being Sued (EducationPost)

DeVos’ alma mater in Michigan being sued for Title IX violations (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

Md. lawmakers consider bill requiring schools to teach sexual consent and respecting personal boundaries (Washington Post)

I Was Sexually Abused by Another Student and It Never Should Have Happened by SSAIS advisor Michelle Seyler (Education Post)

Ashbrook HS student forced to take online classes after speaking out about sex assaults (FOX46 TV, Charlotte, NC)

Thousands of sexual harassment offenses in California schools (KGTV News10, San Diego)

When Students Say #MeToo, Schools Don’t Always Listen (America’s Promise Alliance)

Nonprofit Aims To Raise Awareness About Sexual Assault And Harassment In Schools (KNKX radio)

Let’s talk about respect (Scholastic Choices, subscription required)

MeTooK12 helps raise awareness of sexual harassment in schools (Education Dive)

#MeTooK12 Seeks to Spotlight Problem of Sexual Assault in Schools (Education Week)

In a prestigious high school math and science program, alumni say #MeToo (Washington Post)

This girl reported being sexually assaulted twice at her high school. Her principal told her to ‘toughen up’ and get over it (babe)

#MeTooK12: Sexual assaults at Georgia’s school (KXIA-TV Atlanta)

#MeToo Goes to School (U.S. News)

#MeTooK12 Campaign Brings Awareness to K-12 Sexual Assaults (Campus Safety)

#MeTooK12 hashtag combats sexual harassment in schools (District Administration)

Here’s How the #MeToo Movement Is Continuing in Our Schools (Education Post)

“Me Too K12” Hashtag Is Bringing Awareness To Sexual Assault In Schools, & It’s An Issue That Doesn’t Get Talked About Enough (Bustle)

#Metook12 is giving a much-needed voice to young victims of sexual harassment and assault (Babble)

CALL 6: Indiana teens feel unsafe, unprotected after reporting they’ve been raped (KRTV-TV)

Portland’s MeTooK12 movement rings out across the nation, but only silence heard here (Portland Tribune)

How school leaders can help students say #MeToo (TrustED)

#MeTooK12 Sheds Light On The Disturbing Reality Of Sexual Misconduct in Schools (Glam)

MeTooK12 Shines Light on Sexual Assault and Harassment in Grade School (Teen Vogue)

‘#MeTooK12’ aims to shine a light on abuse in schools (The News-Gazette)

Youth and Sexual Harassment, from #MeToo To #MeTooK12 (The Gender Policy Report)

High school student says she’s being bullied, harassed after speaking about sexual assaults (FOX 46, Charlotte, NC)

What Do Schools Teach About Sexual Harassment? (Education Week)

Incidents at Sebastopol middle school bring #metoo into local focus (Sonoma West Times & News)

For moms of boys, mixed emotions over sexual misconduct saga (Associated Press)

Will #MeToo be a turning point for younger girls, too? (CNN)

#MeTooK12 Is Opening the Door for Students to Talk About Sexual Assault (Glamour)

On Point Talk interview with SSAIS co-founder (On Point Talk TV)

The Secret of Sexual Assault in Schools (NEA Today) [Also appeared in the Spring 2018 print edition]

Why We Need Title IX to Let Her Learn: A Parent’s Perspective (National Women’s Law Center)

Teen Victims Beg School Board Not to Let Sex Offender Back in School (Broadly)

Combatting Sexual Harassment and Assault in Schools (Jewish Women’s Archive)

New Report Exposes How Schools Dismiss Rape as ‘Hazing’ or ‘Bullying’ (Broadly)

Why I Became a Sexual Assault Activist (jGirls Magazine) SSAIS teen advisor Minnah explains why she’s fighting sexual assault.

Are central Indiana schools doing enough to prevent sexual assault? (WTTV Indianapolis)

‘Passing the trash’: Teachers accused of sexual abuse aren’t always unemployable (Circa.com)

We Can’t Wait: Solutions to K-12 Sexual Harassment and Assault (Huffington Post)

AP Report: Sexual assaults by peers at school (WBRC-TV Birmingham)

With Trump’s Title IX stance unknown, video aims to educate about sexual harassment at school (EdSource) Also published in The Huffington Post.

How A Teen Girl’s School Rape Case Became A Racist Witch Hunt (The Huffington Post)

Title IX at 45 (Society of Women Engineers)

Film takes aim at national K-12 sexual assault, student rights (Portland Tribune)

Sexual Assault: A 21st Century Civil Rights Issue (Our Bodies Ourselves)

“My School Punished Me (Slate Magazine)

Wild parties, an alleged rape, and a high school’s troubling response (San Francisco Chronicle)

Advocates: Sexual assaults underreported in schools (Cape Cod Times) (alternate)

Alleged assault at Barnstable school prompts legal threat (Cape Cod Times)

Experts say schools must do more to address early signs of sexual harassment (EdSource)

An Unprecedented Opportunity To Teach K-12 Students About Sexual Harassment (Featured blog, Huffington Post)

How Can Schools And Parents Address Donald Trump’s Statements Describing Sexual Assault? (Huffington Post)

California Students Are Getting An Education On Sexual Assault (Huffington Post)

Sexual Assault Survivors Share Their Stories After Stanford Letter: Laura Allen SSAIS board member (Buzzfeed)

Should San Diego, Carlsbad Schools Have Told Parents About Sex-Assault Investigations? (KPBS San Diego)

Investigation into Green Elementary School sex scandal closes (San Diego Reader)

Student Ordered to Bake Bread as ‘Penance’ for Girl He Sexually Assaulted (Broadly)

Activists Take Aim At High Schools For Mishandling Sexual Assault (Huffington Post)

As the Mother of a Rape Victim I Know Consent Education Is Not Enough (Huffington Post)

Lawmakers Shift Campus Rape Conversation to High Schools (Women’s eNews)

Sexual Abuse in Elite Private Schools: What the Spotlight Team Asked Us (Huffington Post)

What the White House Asked Us About K-12 Sexual Violence (Huffington Post)

Nonprofit dedicated to educating public about gender harassment (Portland Tribune)

Why Lady Gaga Should Be Talking to a Rape Victim’s Mother About K-12 Sexual Assault (Huffington Post)

Combatting the Epidemic of K-12 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence (Huffington Post)

Reporting a school sexual assault can increase a victim’s risk of punishment (Washington Post)
SSAIS brought the family’s case featured in this article to the Washington Post.

Sexual assault at Sandy Elementary School” (KBOO radio)
SSAIS.org files U.S.Dept. of Ed Title IX complaint.

Federal Campus Rape Investigations Near 200, And Finally Get More Funding (Huffington Post)

SSAIS helps family bring Title IX investigation to Warren (MI) School District (Click on Detroit)

Dept. of Education investigating school that expelled girl after she reported a sexual assault (WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit)

Combating Sexual Assault in Schools (Univ. of Washington Daily)

Investigation ongoing into Title IX violation at NESC (Sullivan Daily Times) (alternate)
In-depth report of the Indiana case that SSAIS brought to media attention.

Grandfather of alleged rape victim charged for threatening accused attacker’s family
(Sullivan Daily Times) (alternate)
A follow-up report on the fallout from the Indiana case that SSAIS brought to the media.

High Schools Are Failing Girls Who Report Sexual Assault (Huffington Post)
SSAIS brought the IN and MI cases mentioned in this article to media attention.

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SSAIS lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education 

ACLU Sues to Stop New Title IX Rule (Politico)

On this anniversary of Title IX ACLU video reminds us that sexual harassment has no place in schools (ACLU)

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The following are reports on our advocacy that led to US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights investigation of the Seattle School District for violation of Title IX (sexual assault):

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