The Department of Education has proposed regressive changes to Title IX that impact both college and K-12 students.

Tell the Department your concerns and objections to these new regulations before January 29, 2019.

What the new regulations would do for K-12 

If approved, the new regulations would:

  • Narrow the definition of sexual harassment so that students might have to endure escalating incidents of harassment before the school will respond.
  • Permit schools to ignore cyber sexual harassment or sexual harassment that occurs off-campus.
  • Allow schools to delay their Title IX investigations indefinitely.
  • Place more obstacles in the path of student survivors who want their schools to protect their rights to an education free from sexual harassment.
  • Allow a school to ignore a complaint of sexual harassment unless a someone notifies a school official who is authorized to take “corrective measures.”
  • Require student survivors of ongoing sexual harassment or sexual assault to make a formal complaint before the school could take Title IX action and offer supportive measures.

Steps you can take

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Watch these students urge action:

Submit a comment on the proposed rules:

Title IX Notice and Comment: A quick guide to what you need to know (Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force)

Steps to submit a comment here (National Women’s Law Center) or here (Know Your IX)

Sample comment (National Women’s Law Center)

Write a postcard project (Enough is Enough); example postcard scripts available here