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The SSAIS video “Sexual Harassment: Not in our School” is an amazing and robust resource that every student can consult repeatedly, at their own pace, browsing the segments most pertinent to their immediate questions and experiences. This is an accessible and comprehensive resource for students, parents and educators who want to learn more and harness ideas to make change for the better to their school culture. 
-Heidi Goldstein, Adult Adviser to Berkeley High School Stop Harassing

Two of the critical areas in gender discrimination today are sexual harassment and sexual assault. Most of the attention has, however, been focused on college and university campuses. SSAIS is performing a vital service in fighting sexual harassment and assault in an otherwise forgotten area: K-12. “Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!,” using experts and student activists, sets forth the applicable law in this area and suggests ways in which families, students, school administrators, faculty, and the community can fight this scourge in grades K-12.
-Sonia Pressman Fuentes, attorney, co-founder National Organization for Women

This amazing video follows a high school gender equity club learning how to stop sexual harassment and assault by speaking with a wide range of experts. The video is important for all levels of education and is sure to stimulate discussion and preventive action by students, parents, educators, Title IX Coordinators, and supporters of gender equity.
-Dr. Sue Klein, Education Equity Director Feminist Majority Foundation

More students should be coming together and working with their community to address students’ civil rights. Taking action will help create fair learning spaces that treat everyone with respect.
-Caroline Heldman, Professor and Activist

“Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!” is set as a fictionalized first meeting of seven high school students who are forming a gender equality club. Step by step, the students learn from experts why gender discrimination is harmful and what they can do about it.
-Jane Adams, Senior Reporter, EdSource

Finally, a resource to educate K-12 students and administrators on sexual assault! The SSAIS video “Sexual Harassment: Not In Our School!” is an effective tool that starts an important conversation. It works to inform students of their rights and schools of their responsibilities. Education is essential if we are going to combat this problem.
-Minnah Stein, Age 16, founder EMPOWERU

The information in “Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!” is critical for so many children, parents, families and teachers. No harassment, bullying or assault should ever be swept under the rug again. Let the advocacy begin and safe schools for our kids be the norm.
-Debbie Brubaker, ‘Godmother’ of the San Francisco Bay Area independent movie arena

For me, [the video] immediately caught my eye. . . It was definitely something that I really wanted to be a part of. . . .If [sexual assault]’s happening in college, it definitely starts early on.
-Maya Caulfield, lead student actor, quoted in the Portland Tribune

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