SSAIS April Newsletter

April 28, 2018

It’s been an incredibly busy 2018 for SSAIS. Here are the highlights and new resources for you to explore.


The movement to address sexual harassment and assault in K-12  schools received new impetus with the launch of the #MeTooK12 campaign, an SSAIS initiative in partnership with the National Women’s Law Center. We unveiled the new hashtag on social media as #MeToo creator Tarana Burke rang in 2018 at Times Square. #MeTooK12 connects the dots between sexual harassment in K-12 schools, college, and the workplace. The movement both promotes awareness and inspires action to counteract pervasive sexual harassment and sexual violence in K-12 schools.

Over 35 TV, radio, print, and online media reports feature the new SSAIS initiative, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Teen Vogue, and more.

Ms. Magazine published “#MeTooK12: Teens are Speaking Out About Assault and Harassment in Schools,” by SSAIS teen advisor Minnah Stein. Education Post published SSAIS advisor Michelle Seyler’s “I Was Sexually Abused by Another Student and It Never Should Have Happened.” Advisor Chellie Labonete’s tweets appear in many media reports, and the SSAIS Co-founders contributed to several print and TV outlets. There’s also a Wikipedia entry on the #MeTooK12 campaign.

New resources are regularly added to the SSAIS #MeTooK12 webpage. One of our favorites is Susan Moen’s blog, “Parents: You Can Become the Agent of Change for Title IX Policies in Your Schools.”

Visit the #MeTooK12 webpage and #MeTooK12 Facebook page for the latest postings.

New Free SSAIS Toolkit 

SSAIS has just released a new online toolkit and PSA for parents, students, and their allies to address K-12 sexual harassment and assault. Share it widely.


SSAIS Delves into Students’ Rights at Private Schools

SSAIS announced that a survivor’s family filed an important Title IX lawsuit against U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s alma mater, Holland Christian School. The lawsuit resulted after the family contacted SSAIS and learned about their Title IX rights. Watch the short SSAIS video to learn what this case means for all students.

SSAIS created a new webpage to inform K-12 private schools families about their Title IX rights. It includes an important blog, Private K-12 Schools and Title IX, and a video created especially for SSAIS by the parents of Chessy Prout, the survivor of the St. Paul’s School rape, which received international attention.

New Resource on How to File a Title IX Complaint

SSAIS collaborated with Dr. Bill Howe to create the guide How to File a Title IX Complaint in K-12 Schools: A Guide for Parents and Guardians. It’s for those wanting to file a complaint regarding sexual harassment, sexual violence, sex discrimination, and other violations of state and federal civil rights laws regarding gender discrimination.

American Federation of Teachers Virtual Conference Keynote Session

SSAIS joined The National Women’s Law Center and Planned Parenthood to present a keynote session at the American Federation of Teachers Share My Lesson annual Virtual Conference. Watch the recorded session #MeTooK12 and #MeToo: What does it mean for schools? (free registration required).

Supporting Families

SSAIS continues to help families whose schools have violated their right to an education free from sexual harassment and assault.

We recently focused on the case of high school freshman Katlin Hoffman in North Carolina. We connected her with a journalist who profiled her case in an article titled “This girl reported being sexually assaulted twice at her high school. Her principal told her to ‘toughen up’ and get over it.” FOX 46 television in Charlotte interviewed SSAIS about Katlin’s case.

SSAIS in Wikipedia

SSAIS now has its own Wikipedia entry.

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