SSAIS Version 1.0 Urgently Needed

From the Executive Director of SSAIS, Esther Warkov, Ph.D

Today’s launch of the SSAIS website is the result of one family’s prolonged nightmare amidst the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault in schools. Three years have passed since the school field trip rape, but it never “went away.”  Six months ago we formed SSAIS non-profit after bringing a U.S. Dept. of Education, Office for Civil Rights investigation to the Seattle School District. We share our experience with families who are still innocent, as we once were, when our school district tragically failed us. Because families and schools across the nation urgently need this website, we present Version 1.0, perfect or not! App not yet!

Now what? Should this website sit as a stagnant collection of information–or are you ready to use its tools, ready to build change before more lives are compromised?

If you care about students, if you like what you see here, then help us fulfill the mission to educate every student and school about students’ right to an education free from sexual harassment, sexual assault, and gender-based discrimination.

Donate your skills, a little time, a little financial support–to do your part!

Check out our Get Involved page—whatever your age. Let’s go!

And students: you have every reason to get involved! You know what happens when sexual harassment and assault strikes. Put your phones to work in service of your friends, your own safety, our society, and do your part. If two old people (!) can bring a federal investigation to a school district and attract the support of youth and families nationwide, just imagine what YOU can do! Become empowered and enjoy the inevitable success!

If not now, when?