#MeTooK12 Campaign

A campaign to promote awareness and inspire action to counteract pervasive sexual harassment and sexual violence in K-12 schools.

Combating rampant K-12 sexual harassment and assault

by Esther Warkov, Executive Director, Stop Sexual Assault in Schools

#MeTooK12 is a social media hashtag created by the national nonprofit Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS.org). The campaign encourages …

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#MeTooK12: Centering Young Students in the Fight to End Sexual Violence

by Sabrina Stevens, Senior Digital and Mobilization Manager, National Women’s Law Center

A few weeks ago, when #MeToo was first beginning to spread online, I was chatting on a friend’s Facebook wall after she wrote a piece asking whether schools should teach boys to respect girls. Seeing some skeptics already popping up in the thread, I chimed in to affirm her stance, and expand it with some observations of my own.

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From survivor to advocate: demanding change in the Portland, OR, school district

by Annabelle Schwartz

[See Annabelle’s activism online: Oregon LiveKATU-TV, Planned Parenthood video]

My name is Annabelle Schwartz, I am 18 years old, an activist, and a survivor of a peer sexual assault. It took me a long time after my initial experience to realize what had happened to me. I remember the first person I told, my boyfriend at the time, who held me as I cried in his green Toyota.  At that point I could barely comprehend what I had been through, or how it would shape me into the person I am now. All I knew when I was 15 years old was that finally telling someone was my way of admitting to myself the truth of what had happened.

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Action Plan

  • Spread the hashtag #MeTooK12
  • Tweet your experiences of K-12 sexual harassment or assault. 
  • Post your experiences on the new #MeTooK12 Facebook page.
  • Check out the video and action guide at SSAIS.org/video, and the SSAIS YouTube channel.
  • Involve students, parents, school staff, clubs, community, media, and lawmakers.
  • Learn about Title IX and implement the Action Guide at SSAIS.org/video.
  • Contact SSAIS to become more involved with this campaign.

What adults can do about K-12 sexual harassment and assault 

by Jeffrey Caffee, civil rights attorney