#MeTooK12 Campaign

A campaign to promote awareness and inspire action to counteract pervasive sexual harassment and sexual violence in K-12 schools.

Combating rampant K-12 sexual harassment and assault

by Esther Warkov, Executive Director, Stop Sexual Assault in Schools

#MeTooK12 is a social media hashtag created by the national nonprofit Stop Sexual Assault in Schools (SSAIS.org). The campaign encourages Read more >

#MeTooK12: Centering Young Students in the Fight to End Sexual Violence

by Sabrina Stevens, Senior Digital and Mobilization Manager, National Women’s Law Center

A few weeks ago, when #MeToo was first beginning to spread online, I was chatting on a friend’s Facebook wall after she wrote a piece asking whether schools should teach boys to respect girls.  Read more >

Parents: You Can Become the Agent of Change for Title IX Policies in Your Schools

by Susan Moen, Executive Director, Jackson County (OR) SART

Most parents are not aware of deficiencies in their schools’ response protocols for sexual harassment and assault–until their own child (or a friend’s) experiences the life-altering harm that can result.  Read more >

From survivor to advocate: demanding change in the Portland, OR, school district

by Annabelle Schwartz

[See Annabelle’s activism online: Oregon LiveKATU-TV, Planned Parenthood video]

My name is Annabelle Schwartz, I am 18 years old, an activist, and a survivor of a peer sexual assault. It took me a long time after my initial experience to realize what had happened… Read more >

Action Plan

  • Spread the hashtag #MeTooK12
  • Tweet your experiences of K-12 sexual harassment or assault. 
  • Post your experiences on the new #MeTooK12 Facebook page.
  • Check out the video and action guide at SSAIS.org/video, and the SSAIS YouTube channel.
  • Involve students, parents, school staff, clubs, community, media, and lawmakers.
  • Learn about Title IX and implement the Action Guide at SSAIS.org/video.
  • Contact SSAIS to become more involved with this campaign.

What adults can do about K-12 sexual harassment and assault 

Watch video by civil rights attorney Jeffrey Caffee.

Prevent retaliation when reporting K-12 sexual harassment

Watch video by civil rights attorney Iliana Konidaris.